Chrome-Plated Cans For Every Occasion


Chrome-plated plastic construction is popular for cars, […]

Chrome-plated plastic construction is popular for cars, trucks, boats, recreational vehicles, and ATVs; the reason being that it's inexpensive, easy to clean, durable and strong. This type of construction material has a smooth top surface and textured bottom surface with a tough, well-defined finish. Chrome plated can also be hand-painted to give it a personalized look. This makes it popular as an importer of customized cars.

A variety of reasons account for the popularity of custom chrome-plated cans. The most evident reason is for customization; people want to have their names, logos, and personal designs etched on the sides of the cans. Another popular reason is to protect the finish of a car's interior. With durable plastic construction, it's hard to damage the three-piece or two-piece cans backed by foam insulation. In addition, the tin cans are guaranteed not to warp or split even after long use.

It's possible to order standard one, two, and three-piece styles. Standard sizes are available in six, eight, and ten-hole snap on models. The standard three-piece design snaps together in the back and can support either a three-pronged hub or two pronged hub. For added durability, choose the heavy duty eight-hole design. When ordering a standard size, confirm that the manufacturer offers the additional services of a snap on base material and a heavy-duty bottom cover.

For added style, many vehicle owners opt for custom, one-of-a-kind chrome-plated can liners. To ensure quality, these custom orders should be made using thick gauge steel. Although it's possible to order standard cover sizes, many vehicle owners prefer a one-of-a-kind look. Most custom covers measure between ten and twelve inches across and between eleven and fifteen inches tall. For an extra touch of class, add a custom logo.

If durability and reliability aren't enough, there's nothing to worry about either with chrome-plated die cast metal. Although they're not as strong as aluminum or steel bases, they're still much sturdier than rubber or plastic bases. And because they're made of die cast metal, which is very durable, these items can stand up to years of tough use. A couple of cans featuring high-quality die-cast metal will provide years of dependable service.

Because so many different styles and colors are available, most chrome-plated can liners come in striking, eye-catching colors. Popular choices include classic reds, blues, greens, blacks, and silver. Many lids also feature a dazzling array of patterns and designs, from scrollwork to floral prints to geometric patterns. Whatever theme you prefer, there's sure to be a cover for it.