Custom Chrome-Plated Cans For Air Circulation Storeroom


Custom Chrome-plated Cans are the latest in modern cabi […]

Custom Chrome-plated Cans are the latest in modern cabinetry, combining the best of European classic design with American sleekness. This three-piece design is available as a bottom, top, and side tray, all in one package to save you not only money, but time and wasted effort trying to match a standard, double-walled, two-drawer wood cabinet with three chrome plated drawers. A top and side tray lets you replace the typical wooden top with a flat, smooth surface for a modern look. You can also find this three-piece design as a console style with integrated shelves. And if you'd rather go for a clean, modern look, a chrome-plated base material is enough to draw a sharp contrast and complement your contemporary kitchen design.

The three-piece drawers come in a wide array of hues and materials, including nickel, acrylic, brushed aluminum, and stainless steel, making them appropriate for any kitchen decor. Three-piece custom chrome-plated cans fit easily into standard, double-walled, and even triple-walled applications. By choosing a standard, double-walled, or triple-walled base material, you can be assured that no matter the size of your kitchen, you'll have plenty of room for storage. There are also stretch two-piece cans available for those who don't like the idea of having their drawers sticking out from behind the cabinet door.

Another advantage to ordering custom, three-piece, chrome-plated, base materials is that it eliminates the need to cut the existing cabinet surfaces to size before installation. If you've decided on a standard, double-wall application, you'll need to measure and mark the size of the wall to determine how much space you'll need inside. Then measure the depth of your can to determine the amount of space that must be wrapped around the inner can, which should be approximately three-eighths of an inch on each side and at the bottom. You'll want to install the three pieces of material by following the instructions provided by your particular model of base. As long as the holes for the screws are drilled through the wall studs, it shouldn't be difficult to fasten the base material to the wall.

To enhance durability and create additional strength, most chrome-plated cans come with an under mount subframe. This durable steel frame comes standard on most custom chrome-plated cans and serves as the core support structure for the entire product, helping to ensure that it will withstand the rigors of travel and provide years of trouble-free use. This corrosion-resistant backing also adds additional strength and durability to the product, particularly valuable if you're storing food or wine bottles in it. A national patent holder makes it easy to identify the various design features, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials used to make these high-quality, long-lasting metal packaging products.

With its patented grooved interior channeling, this three-piece can provides adequate room for ventilation, yet prevents air pockets from forming. These channels allow for air to pass through the product easily and effectively, which is especially suitable for foods that need to sit for a longer period of time before being consumed. This is especially suitable for food and beverage manufacturers that ship products both domestically and internationally. In fact, these can supports make it easier and safer to ship these types of goods, especially if you have to transport them by water.

If you're looking for a way to maintain a consistent storage period of food and beverages without wasting energy and money on expensive refrigeration units, the top shelf air circulation storeroom can be a great option. It has an integrated design with the grooved channels that are a standard feature in every customizable can. This is great for many reasons, especially if you need the maximum shelf space without sacrificing durability, long-lastingness, or flexibility, among others. With the help of custom chrome-plated back covers suppliers and manufacturers, you can create the perfect storage space for your most valuable products.