Metal or plastic? The new wave of packaging industry, how to choose is particularly important


Now many packagings on the market are gradually moving […]

Now many packagings on the market are gradually moving towards metal packaging, from metal beverages in metal cans to teas in metal cans, to candies, gelatin, moon cakes, etc. in metal boxes. Why is the trend of metal packaging becoming higher and higher now?

Largely because the metal box can be reused, unlike carton or plastic, it can be thrown away after use, and the recyclability is very large. Recycling means a disguised form of advertising, because an iron box with the company's name, which is often used to house household commodities, is considered a household item for the family.

Such packaging can lead to a significant increase in the repeat purchase rate of the consumer for this product. Another point is that the metal box is also very important for environmental protection. At present, our country is still quite strong in recycling metal packaging. As long as the metal packaging does not rust, it can be recycled.

Metals will not pollute the environment and can be recycled indefinitely, but such packaging can become a trend of packaging. The relevant state departments have also stipulated that the packaging of five types of products such as health products, cosmetics, beverages, pastries, and tea should not exceed three layers. In order to better protect the product from damage, but also to ensure that the product packaging is beautifully in accordance with the statutory regulations, metal Packaging has also become a better choice.

As long as the effective recycling of metal packaging is guaranteed, metal packaging will have a better development trend in the future. In addition, it can replace metal. Packaging that has the same effect as metal should be hard plastic. The same disadvantages as metal packaging are resources. The problem of recycling.

In the current environment with many packaging materials, "Ziya Cultural Media" as a packaging design company tends to choose a packaging that is both environmentally friendly and more suitable for the industry where the product is located.