Two-piece two-cans are a relatively new innovation in disposable plastic containers


Two-piece (or stretch) two-cans are a relatively new in […]

Two-piece (or stretch) two-cans are a relatively new innovation in disposable plastic containers that offer a level of functionality previously unseen. As a general rule, most people have a hard time keeping even a single can of soup or sauce from heading off to the garbage can in record time. Fortunately, two-piece cans are able to meet this challenge thanks to their innovative design. In reality, their invention is nothing more than an updated version of the soup can (or can kettles, as they may be called locally). They consist of a body (the part you can actually see), a neck (which acts as the handle), and a top (which usually has a lid).

The key to this design lies in the company name. Two-piece cans are manufactured by companies in both the United States and China. Although similar to the quality of standard one-piece containers (sometimes referred to as three-piece cans), two-piece aluminum cans boast a nearly unlimited number of uses, extending well beyond what you might expect from a simple soup can. For example, a typical two-piece can includes four separate sections: the neck portion, the body, the cover, and the lid.

Because of the extra cargo space that two-piece aluminum containers offer, a company name such as Zhejiang Yingyi Metal Material Technology Co., Ltd.  can utilize this extra space to market their own product. If you're an avid baker or own a catering company, two-piece pans can make for a convenient and stylish addition to your kitchen pantry. Imagine placing hot cookies on a large, stretchy plate that stretches out infinitely. Stretch pans allow you to put your creations exactly where you need them: right at your oven, ready for delicious baking. In fact, some two-piece pans even boast a non-stick surface that ensures food will be absolutely safe from spillage and that they won't get stuck on the sides of your pan.

Many companies have used custom stretch jeans to further their own brand name. Hot Topic, for example, uses two-piece cans to promote their famous theme merchandise; each can features a different movie theme, such as the Back to the Future II set, or the Toy Story 3 Woody figure. Other companies have used custom stretch jeans to promote their own brand of shoes, such as Gatorade, Reebok, or Puma.

If you own a self-storage unit, you may have noticed that the can liners in place make for a convenient storage option. A metal tin-plated can, after all, take up plenty of room. What if, however, you could stretch that metal tin-plated can to fit your company's logo and colors? Stretching a can of tin-plated metal to make a can holder is actually quite easy, and has even become an option in many companies' marketing. Now, instead of being stuck with the typical red, white, and blue colors for representing your business, stretch your can to represent your own special colors!

Stretch Two-piece Cans are a great way to promote your company's image, without you having to break the bank by purchasing expensive tin cans. Many companies stretch a standard one-can design to fit a standard size can, and can choose from a variety of styles including: two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, five-piece, six-piece, seven-piece, or eight-piece designs. Stretch two-piece cans also come in the classic tin cans, and many companies have found ways to stretch those old tin cans to fit their brand image and logo. If you need to advertise your business at a low price, consider custom stretch two-piece cans.